Guardians Drum & Bugle Corps Play System Blue Brass in Summer of 2016

The Guardians Drum and Bugle Corps will play on System Blue Brass in the 2016 Drum Corps season.  Founded in 2012 and hailing from Houston, TX, the open class corps has been a progressive group from the onset.  The Guardians entered DCI Open Class competition in 2014. They fielded a corps of 112 members (56 brass, 16 battery percussion, 12 front ensemble, 24 auxiliary/guard, 4 drum majors). As of 2015, the corps relocated to Houston, Texas. Addressing the move, corps director Johnathan Doerr stated that, "Houston is, proudly, the largest city in Texas and has one of the largest hearts for the marching arts activity.”

The Guardians pride themselves in having some of the most passionate and professional educators in the music education community on their faculty.  They come from a vast and wide assortment of marching, teaching, judging, and design experience making them a great fit for System Blue.  

"We are very excited to have The Guardians Drum & Bugle Corps on board, they are a great addition to the System Blue family. To be able to partner with a group within the first few years of their inception is a valuable opportunity, and we look forward to taking this journey with them."

John Meehan, System Blue Brass Designer and Caption Head/Arranger of the Blue Devils

“The Guardians have been searching for not just an instrument supplier, but a partner who would believe in us and help us get the products that our performers deserve. System Blue has gone above and beyond to make sure that we get the equipment we need in the time that we need it. We are greatly excited to be the first open class drum corps of Drum Corps International to be competing on System Blue Brass, and look forward to growing with this partnership.” Johnathan Doerr, executive director of The Guardians Drum and Bugle Corps.  

The Guardians hit the road on July 21, 2016 and will compete at finals in Indianapolis this Summer.   Both the corps and System Blue are excited to see the corps and the brass instruments in action.  

Together, it’s our time.

Source: System Blue


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